About 10 years ago I was plagued with panic attacks that overtook my life to the point where I was unable to leave the house and function as a normal human being. I found Paul at Horizon and pretty much instantly I got my life back overnight.

I also had a fear of flying which Paul cured instantly at the same session and have never looked back, I even started learning to fly a helicopter something I couldn't even imagine in my wildest dreams

The next 10 years or so my life has been pretty much normal with near to not a single panic attack.

Now in 2020 with the Pandemic and life changes, I started to develop panic attacks again to the point where I was unable to function normally on a daily basis. I thought these were a passing phase and I would get back to normal, however they started to take over my life again.

Not remembering Paul's name or Horizon and also moving out of the area, I contacted a local therapist and we had a brief chat on the phone and he suggested a set of 6 Zoom sessions and to pay now. I made an excuse about not having my card details with me and said I would call back.

I didn't connect with this therapist and I didn't feel confident and was reluctant to pay and book.

I googled Hypnotherapists in Bromley in the hope I could find "Paul" still working but couldn't remember his name, the second I saw his photo I realised this was him and called straight away. I instantly felt comfortable and booked a session there and then.

I had a thorough consultation before the session started and came away from the session, feeling amazing.

One week has passed now and I have got my life back and pretty much back to normal. I can't thank Paul enough, I only needed one session and some homework, to get my life back.

I slept well that night, something I haven't done for a long while. My sleeping problems are now in the past.

If you're thinking of hypnosis, then honestly don't look any further than Paul, he's demeanour is professional and instantly makes you feel at ease and he really is a miracle worker.

Don't put it off, don't have doubts call him today, get your life back!

Mark L


I first went to Paul in May this year..

To say it has changed my life is an understatement..

I contact Paul because I felt like I was drinking too much, constantly battling with myself, one part of me saying ‘you’re a busy working mum you deserve it’ the other knowing full well I was drinking too much and loosing control of my relationship with alcohol...

I had probably drunk every day give or take a few for about 6 years +.. Since the day I had my first session with Paul, I haven’t touched a drop!! I don’t even want too. I have no problem being around people drinking but far from feeling tempted, I think ‘rather them than me’ !!

Paul has worked a miracle for me and for that I will be forever grateful, he helped me unlock the inner strength I never knew I had to fight my demons..

He is professional, kind and non judgemental and I can’t recommend him highly enough..

Thank you Paul, from the bottom of my heart..


Marnie Prior


I went to see Paul as I had been suffering from stomach issues brought on by stress and anxiety for many years and had been told by my GP that there was no cure and he could only treat the symptoms. After three sessions of hypnotherapy and much to my amazement, all my symptoms have disappeared and I feel better than I've felt for years! Paul has many years of experience and is very professional and intuitive and I can highly recommend Horizon Hypnotherapy.

Hayley W