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When we look in the mirror, it's not so much what we see, as how we see, that commands our feelings of self-worth. If we have become used to seeing ourselves as bad or inadequate, then we will perpetuate that perception of self and project it into the world, with all the sorry consequences for our quality of life.

The inner image needs to be changed to one that is beneficial, and aware of all that is good and positive, allowing the client to project into the world a person who is confident and aware of their own attributes, capabilities and capacities. Expecting that everything will go wrong or that people won't like us, appears, through our demeanour, as an invitation for those things to happen.

Through hypnosis, positive images can be implanted deep in the subconscious that will play an important part in changing the client's perception of self, recognising themselves as a unique individual with their own talents and capabilities. This gives them the confidence to successfully interact with the world in a positive way that is beneficial for them.

Many of my clients, who come to see me primarily for reasons other than confidence, often suffer from a general lack of confidence, usually as a consequence of their main problem. Once their main problem has been treated, their confidence does improve, but it can be greatly reinforced during the sessions, as an additional bonus to the client, without them having to attend further sessions.

Disclaimer: as with any hypnotherapy practice, there is no guarantee that therapy will be effective in every individual case. Any therapy requires that the client be committed to change and be prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality. There is a possibility that you may not achieve your desired outcome.


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