I first went to Paul in May this year..

To say it has changed my life is an understatement..

I contact Paul because I felt like I was drinking too much, constantly battling with myself, one part of me saying ‘you’re a busy working mum you deserve it’ the other knowing full well I was drinking too much and loosing control of my relationship with alcohol...

I had probably drunk every day give or take a few for about 6 years +.. Since the day I had my first session with Paul, I haven’t touched a drop!! I don’t even want too. I have no problem being around people drinking but far from feeling tempted, I think ‘rather them than me’ !!

Paul has worked a miracle for me and for that I will be forever grateful, he helped me unlock the inner strength I never knew I had to fight my demons..

He is professional, kind and non judgemental and I can’t recommend him highly enough..

Thank you Paul, from the bottom of my heart..


Marnie Prior


I went to see Paul as I had been suffering from stomach issues brought on by stress and anxiety for many years and had been told by my GP that there was no cure and he could only treat the symptoms. After three sessions of hypnotherapy and much to my amazement, all my symptoms have disappeared and I feel better than I've felt for years! Paul has many years of experience and is very professional and intuitive and I can highly recommend Horizon Hypnotherapy.

Hayley W


Paul was extremely professional and made me feel comfortable during my sessions. He helped me cope with anxiety and stress during my exam periods. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who is considering alternative methods of therapy.

Liv Miles


I attended my first hypnotherapy session with Paul in April 2018. I wanted to address issues of being over weight. I was well over 12 stone and heading for size 18.

I found Paul excellent. He helped me, through hypnotherapy, have a different relationship with food, which was not connected to my emotions.

I am not on a diet but eat only, when I am hungry and stop eating when i am full. I now exercise control on portions and make improved choices of foods that I eat. I still treat myself to the foods I love but do not have the associated guilt that I previously had, which made me eat more.

I have lost almost 2 stone and size 14. This is the best thing have ever done after years and years of dieting.

I highly recommend Paul.

Patricia Denney


COVID-19: All hypnotherapy sessions adhere to government guidelines, with no physical contact, two metre social distancing and all surfaces are disinfected between clients.