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How many sessions?

Many hypnotherapists, when asked how many sessions are required, respond by saying that it's impossible to say, and that it will have to be a case of seeing what happens over the course of the therapy. This could result in many sessions being needed at considerable expense to the client, even if each session, in itself, is considered inexpensive.

The Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy practised at Horizon Hypnotherapy means that the vast majority of clients can be successfully treated within three sessions. In rare cases up to five sessions are needed, but these are very much the exception.

How long are the sessions and how far apart?

Sessions are approximately an hour long, except for Stop Smoking which lasts up to an hour and three quarters. The length of time between sessions is generally a week or two, although they could be more or less frequent depending on your circumstances.

Many hypnotherapists adopt a generic approach for each client, so that a client having treatment for, say, Weight Control will be treated with their standard Weight Control module. At Horizon Hypnotherapy, a great deal of care is taken to ensure that sessions are geared to each individual's specific needs, rather than just applying a standard one-size-fits-all approach for treating each issue or condition. For example, every client seeking treatment for Weight Control will have eating habits that are unique to them, which need to be addressed accordingly. A generic approach will not go far enough.

Free Initial Consultation

A free initial consultation is offered, lasting approximately 30 minutes, without any obligation to proceed further, for those people who need to be reassured that hypnotherapy is right for them. We understand that it's important to feel comfortable and at ease with your hypnotherapist. You can find out how advanced hypnotherapy works, how it could help you, and gives you the opportunity to ask the hypnotherapist questions.


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